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Benefits of Using UKG’s HR and Payroll Solution Software

EBC strives to connect with customers in providing them with the right tools and guidance. That's why we offer UKG for your HR and payroll needs.  In partnering with UKG, you have a software with people behind it who want to understand your company and how it works. UKG's software solutions are the perfect example of how UKG takes the time to understand your company. This allows for the balance that makes your employees happy and business successful.

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Why EBC Chose to Work with UKG

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) is one of two human capital software's offered by EBC. UKG has four services that allow for the ultimate growth in HR and payroll services. Those being UKG Pro, UKG Ready, UKG Dimensions, and UKG HR Service Delivery. At EBC we want to provide you with the best and most reliable service possible. UKG has proven time and time again that they are one of the ultimate HR and payroll solutions services.

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Financial Benefits of Going Paperless

The benefits of this change are many including time-saving. If your business is a little behind on typing and printing the records or filling out forms manually then it could take a lot of time whereas, by going digital, you can easily save this time. Along with this, there are several economic benefits of going paperless and as more businesses would make the transition towards digital solutions, they would be getting the benefits of cost savings while becoming cleaner and greener. Let’s have a look at the financial benefits of going paperless for your business. 

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7 Reasons Why Going Paperless Can be Beneficial to You

Although the total elimination of paper may not be feasible for every business, even a small reduction may yield cost savings and increased efficiency. It doesn't matter if your company is in the startup phase or has developed well-established policies and procedures, there are always advantages to reducing paper usage. Here are seven reasons why going paperless with EBC may be beneficial for your business.

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The Steps in Going Paperless.

Businesses everywhere are involved in a worldwide shift to paperless payroll. The effort to use less paper is not only beneficial to the planet but also in keeping a business organized. Join EBC in making the effort of going paperless.

Why Paper is Still So Prevalent

  • Convenience: Working with paper documents is a given in most offices, as well as during business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. Team members can come up with lots of justifications, like “this is easier to read”, “I need to file it”, “we need to archive it”, or “we have always done it this way”. Formats like JPEG and PDF are well on their way to outlasting many of the different businesses that use them. It is true that some older computer records can be difficult to access for now, but with standard migration efforts and long-term preservation processes they can be handled as part of the document life cycle management.
  • Compliance and Regulations: For many years, paper documents were required to complete some kinds of business transactions, especially those that involved a signature in order to be binding or those used to prove something in court. Many significant moment’s in a consumer’s life require paper, often for a signature. Big events like selling a business, applying for a loan, or signing off on a car purchase are examples. The specific requirements for digitized or digitally created documents to be accepted in court vary by country and document type, but government regulations often involve requirements that can only be met in a digital process that maintains a complete chain of custody.
  • Perceived Affordability: At a glance, paper seems to be a more affordable option. Falling into accepting this belief is a mistake with a heavy price tag. The total cost of operating a primarily paper focused office comes with a list of externalities including printers, network connections, ink, toner, the paper itself, and the maintenance of all of these. As your business grows, so do these costs. At the enterprise level these costs are scaled up only to culminate in waste. When paper is a part of a business input, like an insurance claim form or paper survey submission, there are still significant labor costs needed to manually process information coming into the business.

The Benefits of Going Paperless

  • Organization: No more piles of paperwork on the desk or shelves. No more clunky filing cabinets, either. This avoids misfiled or misplaced documents that take up valuable time that should be spent serving customers or working on other business priorities. Files and documents will be far easier to find, access, and share.
  • Efficiency: Digital documents are much easier to manage, store, and retrieve than paper ones. Having documents available to access and share with customers regardless of the location, improves team productivity and brings a better customer experience. Extracting required data from a document (through automated recognition of machine print, handwriting or optical marks) is much quicker and less error prone than keying from paper.
  • Scalability: Without rows of filing cabinets towering throughout the office, a paperless operation requires much less space. Personnel required for handling high volumes of business inputs during peak times or during a business expansion is hard to scale, while it is an easy task in a digital environment.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduced printing means fewer trees will be cut down to produce paper. Paper is also highly energy consumptive both in production and transportation. The eco-friendly aspect of going paperless is a popular and relatively easy concept to garner support from your employees.
  • Faster Communication: Unless you’re footing the bill for overnight delivery, such as when insurance claims need to be processed quickly and the agent needs to rush the documentation to a claims expert, paper documents will take at least a day to transfer from Point A to Point B. Even then there may be delays, misplacement, or complete loss. Once digitized, a document is available where it is needed, instantly.
  • Document Backup and Recovery: It is costly and time consuming, or in many cases impossible to replace a paper document when it is damaged or misplaced. Your stakeholders may never be able to access important documents because someone misplaced a file, or when disaster strikes, like a fire. With the paperless office, documents are stored electronically for simple and easy backups to a remote server or cloud repository that safely stores your essential information.
  • Less Costly: Storing documents is costly, especially for businesses in prime locations. Printing costs money too; you pay for the paper itself, plus the printer, ink, postage, and printing equipment maintenance. Businesses can eliminate storage expenses by shifting to digital documents. With reduced, or eliminated necessity for storage of paper copies, your business may even be able to move into a smaller location with a lower rent to save even more by going paperless.

How These Advantages Help You

Beyond the general advantages of going paperless, there are specific advantages to moving paper out of workflows as quickly as possible for some of the most paper-intensive business applications.

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Reasons to Move to Paperless Payroll

What is paperless payroll?

Paperless payroll implies that your payroll system, from collecting and processing tax documents to running payroll, requires no paper documents. All payroll records live in the digital ether, whether in your payroll software or electronic document management system. 

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Tips to Help Your Company with Year-End

At the end of each calendar year there are a few considerations for businesses. The end of the year is more of a psychologically significant time as people reflect on the past year and look forward to the future. It’s a natural time for planning, review, budgeting and forecasting.

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